Thursday, July 7, 2016

Thankful for everything that brought me Here

It's 11:11am on a working weekday and I get to work from home, looking out the living room window to a forested view with a temple embedded in it. 

Thinking to myself it's amazing (each time I look out of the window it always feels amazing, even though it's already been a couple of years).

Having this kind of peaceful, idyllic view in a place like Singapore? Though vehicle traffic is mildly audible but it's almost on the same decible as the sounds of birds from within the forest. It's a view I never dreamt possible (but it was exactly a dream I had in my sleep that drove me to come again to this place when house hunting when I had skipped over it the first time round - ahhh those were the days when I probably had a sharp spike in my intuition).

The forested view and the birds that come to visit each morning, afternoon and evening sometimes quietly, sometimes chirpily are the most amazing part of living here.

Most of times the birds are grey or brown pigeons even one albino! And occasionally colorful birds that I don't even know the names of - dark and bright blue birds and yellow ones do hang around for a short while too at the window ledges. Thank G.O.D (good orderly direction) they seldom poo during their visits.

More about the particular dream, I don't dream often but way before this process of getting this flat, I had this short but pretty vivid dream where I was standing inside a flat looking out and there was a temple at a 45 degs angle. And then I turned around in the dream and smiled or greeted. 

A few years later during actual flat hunting, I silently kept that impression in my mind, knowing it's a crazy weird demand to ask the real estate agent to bring us to flats with a temple view within a very focused area we were looking for. So I just went along to whichever she brought us, and out of probably 10 or so flats we went to, there was only 1 with a temple view which was at a direct angle facing. I tried hard to get that place as I saw a Buddha statue and a theravada scripture book in that flat too and I thought it would be nice to buy from such owners. But the owners had an unrealistically high asking price they were unwilling to let up. So I gave up looking. But within the same or next week, I still believed in the materiality of that dream and could not believe it's not despite the incredulousness of it. And by that time I had let in on both my hubby and the real estate agent about the dream and the agent especially thought I was mad because convention was that it is undesirable to live facing a temple. 

I was between having given up and still believing that I took things into my own hands and investigated which flat has a temple angle using a map. And I found one that had it and asked to view the flat. Reaching the bottom of the Hdb I realized I've already viewed that flat and I was not interested to go up again as I clearly didn't remember any temple view from it. But since we were there already and had met the agent again, we were embarrassed and went up as an unintended second viewing. 

When I asked if a temple can be seen from the Hdb flat, the owners didn't know - because they had partially drawn curtains and their sofas were against the windows. Clearly they were more interested in looking at TV than the view outside. I knew according to the map that it should so I leaned over the large sofa and pulled back the curtain (quite an amount of straining) to discover it provided an exactly 45 angle of temple view that I had in my sleep.

I couldn't believe it. Did NOT have a deja vu moment as in my dream I did not have to go through such neck and body strain. In my dream I was easily standing at the window feeling a quiet sense of contentment and seeing a Buddhist temple at an angled degree as I looked down across. But I knew that this is it, I know once after renovation, painting the walls white like it was in the dream and some furniture configuration that it would be just like I had seen it in sleep.

The price we offered was immediately accepted by the owners and a smooth exchange took place, with zero hiccups. It was clearly meant to be.

Despite the fact that I don't visit this temple, the forest view is what I've come to appreciate more. But the bell sounding of about 20 times every Sunday evening from the temple makes me feel so zen and fills me with tranquility just by looking out the windows from my desk or living room.

Seeking changes to come, reminding myself of the truth of ever changing conditions, and agreeing with what a book (Meditation on Intentions and Being) I've been reading said that humans are naturally inclined to seek for movement.


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