Friday, July 29, 2016

Gem of all TV shows

The soul and ways of a culture can be understood through its language, and that's why I'm practically watching all previous episodes of 非诚勿扰 .

When my hubby first told me that there are a lot of life philosophy to be gleaned from it, I thought he was trying to be funny and find it strange why he would enjoy watching a dating show other than because of pretty women. But since the last 2 weeks when I watched The Family (CNA documentary also worth watching) on Toggle and happened to have enough curiosity (?) to sit through the entire episode of 非诚勿扰 despite the sometimes seemingly uninteresting male contestants, I felt like I've stumbled upon the gem of all TV shows. Having watched probably 20 or so 45min episodes of the show, I feel as though I've gained a lot of wisdom (?) from a Chinese dating show. There are even apparently many people who don't understand any mandarin yet enjoy watching the show as well. Such is the popularity of it, though I don't understand why they would watch it in this case.

Kind of amusing how when hubby came from the Burmese class he's been going to for the past half-year expressing his amazement at how unsuspectingly complex Burmese writing can be, myself was lost in appreciation of the numerous Chinese sayings that are showcased on the show. Somehow the
Chinese language has that ability that allows everyone who can understand it to grasp the meaning exactly as how it was intended to mean when it is said by someone. It captures the essence of the intended communication like no other language is capable of doing.

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