Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Blogging Restart in July 2016

An attempt at restarting a blog.

Where to BEGIN typing? Somewhere productive is ideal.

I asked my hubby what to write about, I said how about book reviews and he said follow the example of Marry Thai Girl blog and write a Marry Singapore Guy blog. HAHAHA! Just as I'm typing this it started to rain - a sign of universal consensus perhaps ha!

He said it's sure to bring more traffic than a blog on books.

I forgot if it was me or my hubby that first saw this blog and for some reason or other, he still visits it now and then. I can understand why - this Singaporean guy married to Thai girl writes about various topics a person in his/her 30s is interested in, in short things which are quite boring in nature but it's fun to know what's the dull household things occurring in another Singaporean's life. This guy even openly talks about his 5 year plan and updates about whether or not he achieved it.

As of this moment, I'm still undecided. I desire to create something productive in the web space that does not promulgate unwholesome vibes or useless junk yet I don't know what's the unknown that I should type about.

Too rusty with this, I couldn't even remember the account and trying to get a new template design seems so impossible.


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